eifion sven-myer

The aesthetic is at once dizzying and absorbing, foreground often melds into background. Conceptually he usually addresses the notion of duality. The work harbours many opposites, in a single piece there are sections created with intimate care, surrounded by fulminant gestures and violent acts of breaking apart the surface.

-John Tremble

For his Masters show Eifion humorously re-contextualised the idea of the green man from the traffic signal (order), with the green man from a plethora of human mythologies -that being of nature, fertility and rebirth (chaos). The interplay between these two characters play out most effectively in his laser engraved painting series.

-Dr. Emily Davies

In his solo show Paint Mopping, Marigolds, Eifion turned his time as a cleaner in the Grand Theatre Swansea into a residency by using his time and experiences there as a fertile ground for exploring new works. Through his assemblages of hoovers, water splashes, mopping and urinals he's been able to convey a personal journey, as well as appealing to a broad audience thematically.

-Steffany Johnson

Eifion's installations transform the space in a way paying homage to the likes of Schwitters Merzbau. Often containing stand-alone pieces reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg, although the aesthetic revolves less around found object and more as if a canvas's bare essentials exploded into three dimensions, and we have the pleasure of walking through the carefully curated debris.

-Carlos Delavega

Eifion Sven-Myer has completed residencies abroad in Portugal, Bulgaria and Germany. He has exhibited in the UK including in The Glasgow Art Club, Salt Space, The Garment Factory, g39, Oriel Davies, The Glynn Vivian, Beep International Painting Prize, Elysium, Dumfries House.

His solo shows include Arcadecardiff, The Grand Theatre Swansea and Salt Space. 

He is originally from Wales, has a Masters in Painting from The Glasgow School of Art and is currently based in Glasgow.

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